I like the thought! Perhaps an interesting starting point would be to use AI services to create a set of brand guidelines? While they would be read by humans rather than machines, it offers up some thoughts on how they might already see a brand. From there, it would be possible to determine what 'parts' of a brand's guidelines could be created for machines rather than humans.

Related: I once wrote guidelines for Nokia on how to design icons for its phones and web presence(s). These were really technical (I worked alongside a specialist icon designer) and, given the consistent nature of output, albeit at difference sizes, I'm certain they could have been created from those guidelines by machine. Only the language would need to change.

Which brings me to a further point: will we see copycoder as a job role? Part copywriter, part coder? Perhaps it already exists but isn't reified as a specific role in agencies. Is it what we currently call a prompt engineer?

As you'll see, I have more questions than answers. Thought it worthwhile throwing out my initial response to the post and see where others built or dismantle.

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